Love is a bitch – una strofa in più – canzoni

I’m flyin’I’m flyin’ high like a birdBut my fluttering wings
can’t keep you from pullin’ me down
Your mamaYour mama says I’m a foolAnd yeah, maybe that’s true ‘cause I can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout you
I’m tryin’I’m tryin’ not to forget my words‘Cause when I’m around you,
I tend not to changin’ my mind
I promisedI promised myself not to slip back into old habit‘Cause heartbreak is savvy and love is a bitch
I’m writing
I’m writing “always” and “never” and repeat
but words can’t stop you they are slow
while you are the opposite
I would
I would like to hide you forever from the world
and never break free
because love is a bitch
but so are you too

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